Befriending The Algorithm

machine-learning; neural network; data sorting; human-machine collaboration; cultural production; generative tools;   AI’s algorithm capabilities were and still are in … More

It’s Just The Internet! [1]

How internet art appropriates the internet   [SUMÁRIO] “(…) postinternet art reflects our cultural reality through the ubiquity and fluidity … More

Claiming our identity

“You are the sum of your published experience” Sluis, K. (2017). ACCUMULATE, AGGREGATE, DESTROY POSTER Palavras-chave Cyberspace; Netizens; Artificial Intelligence; … More

Unexpectedly Absent: The halt of remote intimacy

Mass surveillance has infiltrated both the social and the political contemporary scenario. Enabled by tech enterprises, personal data usage at a global level has pervaded the tools of coercion and commerce to extremes. However, as much as this condition has been at place for years, there seems to be little action towards mitigating the phenomena.

intends to analyze current working conditions and provoke debates around the impacts of automation in future societies.