Still Life – A depiction of digital space

Artboard 1

spacialism post digital digitazation materiality artificiality



In the creation of the Mac OS, developers introduced the idea of a graphic user interface that resembles the work person’s desk, and, what was once an abstract world of incomprehensible and unmeasurable digits, starts to have a form in, and of, the real world. From this point forward, in our computer driven society, there is an ever-growing effort to humanise digital structures, as well as an assimilation of a digital aesthetic, non-existent in the physical world, and absent prior to the proliferation of the cyberspace, that has started to become apparent.


This project seeks to question the fading boundaries between the digital and the physical world.


  • The creation of immersive digital environments that explore the spatiality of the cyberspace, while defining a visual universe that contributes to the ludology of the object;
  • Visual metaphors reflecting opposing concepts in which the post digital world is anchored on;
  • An appropriation of the themes, aesthetics, compositions etc. of classic paintings that show the reflection of their current paradigm, as well as early studies of tridimensionality.


The resulting multimedia artefact pretends to paint a picture on our own interaction with the digital sphere and, by applying historical examples of spatial representations, build a material notion of an abstract world.