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This project intends to analyse current working conditions and provoke debates around the impacts of automation in future societies.


The history of work is implicit in the evolution of the desk and its transition to the digital world as a desktop. Compulsive accumulation of information and significant developments in machine learning are leading to a growing externalization of human capacities. The analysis of the desks of the present could start a discussion about the evolution and virtualization of the workspace. 


1. research and compile archetypes of current work contexts and of physical desks until their virtualization.

2. systematize the archetypes and paradigms for the future of work.

3. construction of visual representations of the archetypes and paradigms, through a website, an installation and a fictional narrative.


1. Analyze the Magazine The Life of Things issue no.8 “The Desk” and the Harvard Design Magazine no. 46 “No Sweat”.

2. Articulate the archetypes through the construction of a narrative.

3. Analyze case studies of speculative and critical design installations. Choose components of the scenographic space, test and prototype possible materials. Explore the potencial of a fictional commercial narrative. Research identities of multinational companies that sell furniture and appliances.


[seduce and provoke the spectator’s curiosity] Interactive installation

[contextualize and provoke the spectator] website

[connect the narrative with the website and installation] visual language


It is foreseen the creation of scenarios that allow a reflection on current work contexts that initiate debates about the future of work.