Speculation Club

You are almost there!

We have to make sure that you agree
with the following terms and conditions…

\ you agree to permanently reflect on what you buy

\ you agree to systematically question your impulses, desires and needs

\ you agree to constantly reflect on what you help creating

\ you agree to step away from industrial production and the marketplace

\ you agree to reject solutionism as a viable path

\ you agree to permanently predict technological consequences

\ you agree to step away from eternal sophistication of inventions

\ you agree not to feed the consumer society

\ you agree to find the time and strength to be autonomously critical

\ you agree to produce well estheticized meaning

\ you agree to assume the complexity of your subjects

\ you agree to discuss current systemic problems

\ you agree to start the debate about what kind of futures people want

\ you agree to constantly propose an alternative to mercantilization

\ you agree to explore ideas and issues, new possibilities for design itself

\ you agree to reject the dominant ideology and to critique the established